Our Expertise

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As well as providing general contracting and management services, Brickens is also an expert in the electrical, plumbing and mechanical trades. What distinguishes the company from its competitors is the multitude of trades we perform using our own equipment and unionized work force.

Such work includes demolition, structural and architectural concrete work, masonry, waterproofing, carpentry, drywall, finishes, earthwork, and exterior improvements and utilities.

All of this gives Brickens greater flexibility in coordinating the flow of work, controlling costs and resolving problems, allowing for smooth and timely completion of today's complex and tightly-budgeted construction projects.

With an increased focus on sustainable design and an emphasis on green construction throughout the city, the number of projects seeking LEED certification is continually growing. At Brickens, we have achieved Platinum Certification on past projects, and we have also become familiar with and adept at managing all documentation that this process requires.